lupita nyong'o appreciation life, so I just saw from a white supremacist that thinks...

lupita nyong'o appreciation life

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so I just saw from a white supremacist that thinks the goal of the anti-racist movement is a white genocide

it got me think about how my grandmama said something about people that do wrong be thinking everyone else do the same.

and that’s how I know the enemy ain’t nothing but wrong. for you to even think that says a lot of shit about you.

not everyone is operating on that master race bullshit you on. the “fears” of the anti-sj movement/white supremacist folks say a lot of shit about their ethics.

lucky for them ain’t nobody got time for all that and ain’t nobody got a desire to oppress/kill people. but I like that they asses is legit paranoid about this. helps me sleep at night.

stay scared motherfuckers

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    so I just saw from a white supremacist that thinks the goal of the anti-racist movement is a white genocide it got me...
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    be careful with canadianrightist, they’re a piece of shit homophobic racist blog, and they love the attention.
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    There’s truth in this. A person prone to cheating tends to expect this behavior from others. People who internalize and...
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    if that’s all canadianrightist got from that post, then certainly, they are a genocidal white supremacist fuck. i mean,...
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    a hit dog always hollers.
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    What the fuck did the Holocaust, perp[etuated on Jews by WHITE PPL, btw, have to do with this post?
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    wowwww what ok