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Lupita Nyong'o Appreciation Life

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Charities need to do a better on appealing to people’s logic rather than emotion. I’m tried of seeing pictures of poor, voiceless people of color being exploited in order to gain donations. That’s propaganda. And it’s a dangerous device to use even if you’re trying to do good.

For one thing it’s an assault on the very people you’re trying to help. You’re turning them into this helpless, almost subhuman victim that would have no idea who to help themselves instead of a victim of circumstance. There needs to be a bigger emphasize on what caused their poverty and why they’re in need of assistance. This is especially important for organizations that work with children who’s perception of themselves is still being shaped.

Secondly the overuse of pathos is something that can be used by those that have bad intentions. A lot of these “charities”  spend more on paychecks for the “administrators” and “office fees” than they do on the people they’re telling you they help. Invisible Children’s trifling asses spent less than 30% of their donation in Uganda. They got you blinded by the half starved kid on tv while they laugh all the way to the bank (and then to hell because 100% sure you go to hell for doing that shit).

Lastly I don’t understand why it’s so hard for these charities to let these kids speak for themselves. Speaking as a consumer (I know that’s a bad way to think of charitable donations) nothing would makes me more confident in a product or service then seeing the results. You got the camera, you got the children. tell the white guy to shut up and let the children talk about what the organization has done to help them. I mean 60 seconds of Dziko talking about how he went from dying in a famine to applying to Yale would be 1000% more effective and dignified than showing the audience naked, nameless, motherless children dying in a feeding center.

tl;dr I’m going to need for charities that work with poor PoC to do better

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