Lupita Nyong'o Appreciation Life, How to Be A Dark Skinned Girl: A Checklist by Written by Black Men in Close Association with White Supremacy

Lupita Nyong'o Appreciation Life

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How to Be A Dark Skinned Girl: A Checklist by Written by Black Men in Close Association with White Supremacy  

  1. You’re ugly
  2. You’ve always been ugly
  3. You’re always gonna be ugly
  4. You don’t deserve to to feel good about yourself
  5. You shouldn’t stand up to yourself especially against other black folks
  6. Most African Americans are fair or at least caramel skinned so it’s completely reasonable for you t be mistaken for an African or Jamaican  In fact it’s hilarious because lol Africans 
  7. 100% of dark skinned girls are just of the lighter skinned girls and who the fuck do these dark hoes think they are
  8. Nigga did I just catch you looking in the mirror. Didn’t we establish you’re ugly
  9. The only people that will take up for you are the people that feel sorry for you
  10. The only people that will compliment you feel sorry for you
  11. The only people that will date you feel sorry for you
  12. The only people that will marry you, build a life with you, and grow old with you are the ones that feel sorry for
  13. Oh you got people that actually like you yeah well you’re dark skinned so it doesn’t matter
  14. You’re not worthily of love because you’re skin is too black
  15. It’s not even medically possible to be that dark despite the fact everybody black got dark skinned people in their families
  16. Haha darkie!
  17. Yes racism is bad. And sexism on top of racism is worse but colorism isn’t bad because you were born dark and that’s wrong
  18. But at the end of the day we need you to help stop racism
  19. What part of n self-esteem do you no quite understand?
  20. And no red lipstick

Once you’ve accepted yur lot in life you too can be a dark skinned girl by the books. Because we’re black people at the end of the day/it was just a joke/black is beautiful but not too black /etc.

Or you can tell colorist motherfuckers to kiss your beautiful black ass

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