Lupita Nyong'o Appreciation Life

Lupita Nyong'o Appreciation Life

hi I'm Jocelyn and I'm America's favorite virgin that can't drive

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You aren't wrong for being uncomfortable around Israelis. They literally have to serve in the Israeli army to keep their citizenship so you're damn right for being uncomfortable by them. Not supporting Israel doesn't make someone antiemetic. Throwing that word around when discussing disdain for Israel/Israelis is classic derailment.

don’t hit ‘em with the facts doe

they ain’t ready

other than the fact that they might have thought you were anti-Semitic, what you did isn't really that bad because if i were visiting somewhere and told people i was an american and they groaned i would just have to shake my head and say "i know dude i know"

I mean right???

If it were a white dude talkin bout a black dude in his store, you'd be all up in that pale ass.

literally fuck y’all

you can go to any article on palestine and see 99% of the posts/comments being Islamaphobic as shit but all of a sudden it’s a fucking problem that I don’t want to talk Israeli person because I don’t wanna get into an argument

y’all banking on the off chance that that’s one of the good ones but you know what I’m sleep

It isn't an issue that you messed up. We all have a thought similar, one time or another. Problem is you have yet to truly acknowledge that you messed up, sincerely apologize, learn and move on. People are harping on it because you continue to defend your mistake instead of owning it. Saying things like "it's not cool (despite).." Just means you don't actually agree it wasn't cool. Blaming the lack of context instead of owning the fact that you should have provided the context.

I literally acknowledged right after the post was made when the first person said something 

you know what I’m sick and tired of y’all

fuck y’all

I ain’t apologizing for shit 

Israelis make me fucking uncomfortable 

bit me

to those whose point is that nationality =/= views, if he were an anti-zionism he should've/would've seen your reaction as understandable and been like, yeah i know it's fucking terrible and i wish it would be dismantled, or something.


one thing i don't understand is, how are you racist when israeli isn't even a race. hebrew is a race that a majority of israelis are, and you aren't anti-hebrew, you're anti-israeli, which thousands of hebrews are as well.

because it’s a lot easier to call someone racist than to call them out on something they actually did

That post had zero context so everyone needs to chill. I'm guessing you were glad he walked away because you felt embarrassed. Given the circumstances, irritation is valid. I'm also slightly pissed that no one has ever jumped to this conclusion when sales associates or whomever bitch and moan about us black folk based on the assumption were gonna be loud and/or steal something. Didn't mean to derail the subject. This is just how I see it.

pretty much but it’s much easier for people to jump on a witch hunt

daniel radcliffe is pro palestine (i mean, once in an interview, he agreed with an article that said what israel is doing is genocide, and his jewish mom used to produce a pro palestine tv show called 'the promise')

I did not know that either

I'm trying to understand what the purpose of that post was. What was your goal behind posting the fact that you discriminated against a man you knew nothing about besides the fact that he was Israeli? Please elaborate

my goal? why shit gotta have a goal with y’all? 

I did something and I posted about it

y’all assuming I was proud of myself or something when you literally can’t tell my tone from a text

what’s you’re point of this message

please elaborate 

type in "Israel and Palestine, an animated introduction" on YouTube - it's a simple overview of the conflict and it explains why Israel is so fucked up rn. send it to these children who keep sending you asks, they'll like that animated stuff. less stuff for their brain to process

Right, so from here on out you don't have a stance in the equality discussions. Because anything you say will be counted as hypocritical. It's cool, you scoffed. I scoff at tons of customers that come into my stores, but it's usually cause i can gauge when they walk in black white israeli chinese whatever, how much they plan on being annoying that day. Not simply based on their accent and nationality.

y’all constantly do the most

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You know the Carrie Diaries is cancelled forever right?

well this is depressing

I hate my limp thin hair and thin lips and ghosty ass skin I want to be a beautiful black goddess like you lol :(


how much money have u made from your t-shirt sales? is it a good way to make money (i'm in high school but i want to think of quick ways to make money when i'm in college)

I make enough for a decent sized sephora run