Lupita Nyong'o Appreciation Life

Lupita Nyong'o Appreciation Life

hi I'm Jocelyn and I'm America's favorite virgin that can't drive

buy a carefree black girl shirt

I got my interview time y’all

I’m doing a skype interview 

I’m so nervous my wifi is gonna fail me or something else outta my control

but on the plus side I have plenty of time to learn about the organization I’ll hopefully be working for, practice my interview skills, pick out a look for the interview (I’ll look pretty because I know my camera angles) and to clean the living room and stuff

I’m so excited 

Oh the ancestors are gonna fuck tonight! 

Look y’all I did something!!!!!!!!

Oh the ancestors are gonna fuck tonight!

Look y’all I did something!!!!!!!!

completely outta nowhere I’m applying to the St. Benard Project/Americorps thing

so I accidentally crashed these white people’s wedding yesterday at a hotel downtown (I was tryna find a clean bathroom real quick) and they were bumping some biggie smalls and dancing off beat

Lemme tell y’all about my night which btw was the coolest night of my life. So I was super bummed no one wanted to go to the Trombone Shorty show with me but I got over it after the show started.



purely amazing. These dudes are so talented start to finish I was in musical heaven. Just the energy and the flow of the musicians just vibing together.

After the show I went poking around to see if I could get backstage and I couldn’t bummer so I was leaving the theater and I saw the tour bus so I went there hoping I could meet Trombone Shorty and I met the band members and everyone was waiting on Troy and finally he came out and I literally freaked out and just did the fangirl thing but he was a sweetheart. He told me I was beautiful and kissed my fan and gave me a hug and took a picture with me and all that. And he did that for everyone waiting. And then he asked me where could he get a drink at and I told him and he invited me to go with him and I’m just like “is this real life?”

So me and to other girls waited for him outside his bus for a bit and then we went backstage to one of latin bands that were still on stage (the Tri-C Jazzfest has a few acts playing at once). And it was cool the musicians looked excited to see him and they ere hella. Then we (me, the other two girls, half the band and some guy named Brad (tour manger?roadie?) walked to the restaurant down the street and so many people stopped Troy for pictures and stuff and he stopped for everyone and he’s the nicest guy in the world. And his bandmates they’re hilarious and good looking (well one is). Like they were just chill walking down the streets of Cleveland smoking pot (white boys can apparently just get away with anything). And yeah we went to a restaurant had fancy Belgium beers and talked about Cleveland and their tour and the places they’ve been and they were funny and nice and it was great. Like I’m 20 years old and I got to have a beer with a guy that’s toured with Lenny Kravitz and performed at the Grammys with MaDonna (yes I know MaDonna is problematic but you’re missing the point) and like he was so nice and humble the whole night even through all I did was smiled and laugh lightly at their jokes. But it was so cool y’all. Really one of the dopest things that’s ever happened.

sidenote: I regret not asking him what drew brees is like in real life :/

I just realized that my birthday will always add up to my age. I was born on March 3rd 1994. My birthday this year was 03/03/14

03+03+14 = 20

03+03+15 = 21

03+03+51 = 57


I rescued three kitties today


Guess who got a job interview

I did :D


Just a heads up that ebates is having double cashback at stores like sephora (4% now 8%), amazon shoes and bags (0% to 3%), (4.5% to 9%), and asos (3.5% now 5%). On the Canadian ebates site they’re having a similar sale with different stores as well. I think this deal lasts for a few more days.

Also when you sign up you get a choice of gift cards to target and other stores, or a $5 one that they can send to your paypal account. 

okay so let me tell y’all hat happened. so I’m walking to the bus stop and this guy starts following me hitting on me and I’m trying to tell him to leave me the fuck alone (now of course street harassment doesn’t work like that. you either have to be polite as possible or take the risk that the guy is crazy and will knock you in the head for “disrespecting him”’). Now I’m doing everything to ignore this man and he just kept following me for like 2 blocks and he’s a foot behind me. I finally tell him rudely to leave me alone and he just takes off with my iphone and runs off into traffic with the iphone my money paid for. And I tried to chase him and I’m screaming for help at the top of my lungs on a busy intersection during lunch hour time (ie someone out of the 30-40 people could have did something like y’all see a young lady chasing someone into traffic but keep driving fuck all y’all) but only one person stop to help call the police (shout out to the lady in the jeep) and I had to file a police report and tomorrow I have to go look at suspect pictures and all that. 

I’m already pissed at that but I go to the verzion store to see if I can get another phone and they told me I have to buy another iphone at $600 (I can’t even get a cheaper phone wtf?!) or I have to pay $350 bucks to cancel my contract and start another one which would have been fine if I didn’t just buy this $500 non-refundable airline ticket. So basically this is another post asking for help/loans or what. If anyone out there wants to help me raise about $250 so I can cancelled my contract and get a new phone my paypal link is right here.  (there’s also a link on the front page of my blog) I wouldn’t ask if I seriously didn’t need it. I work late night (anywhere from 10 to 11:30ish) most weeknights and I have to take the bus home and I’d be safer with a cell phone plus I’m waiting to hear back fro a few potienal employers and I’m at school or work all day so I can’t be at home by the phone. Please I won’t be able to raise that kinda money for at least 3 weeks. 

I have about 8 more months before I graduate and move away

time be moving too fast

lupita won an oscar my skin is so clear the sun is shinning my bank account looks good

lupita won an oscar my skin is so clear the sun is shinning my bank account looks good

on March 3rd in 2003 I turned 9

I turned 9 on 03/03/03 if you don’t think that is the tightest shit imaginable unfollow me because I don’t need your negativity in my life

okay yes but look at what I found in the thrift shop

I did it

I won at thrifting

okay yes but look at what I found in the thrift shop

I did it

I won at thrifting

2013 was the year of character development

I wanted 2014 to be the year of progression of the plot but pot progression cost money and I have to save money to move next year so 2014 is more like that last paragraph at the end of chapter 3 that briefly explains boring housekeeping things about the hero so buckle up children it’s gonna be a boring fiscally responsible year