Lupita Nyong'o Appreciation Life

Lupita Nyong'o Appreciation Life

hi I'm Jocelyn and I'm tryna sit this aaaaaaaaasss on Richard Sherman

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Here’s my super intellectual helpful nuanced take on blackface for fellow white ppl who don’t get it 


Ok. in the context of-


….but if you watch Billy Crystal’s performance, you’ll see that-


…well, in a post-racia-


…you’re white, what do you c-


…right, but in the Florence and the Machine video, it’s…


….but what about when people do “white face”, isn’t that like reverse r-


…but what about-



Dear everyone on every weight loss commercial: 


If it was really about health, then why is your success always measured in pounds?
Why isn’t it “I can run three miles without stopping!” or “I can climb the stairs without running out of breath” or “I feel much better now that I have more muscle mass”???

Because it’s not about your health.

It’s about avoiding fatness and framing fat people as bad, gross, lazy, and wrong.

And I for one am really really sick of it.


my concept of the progression of time stopped in like 2000

like when I see a movie that was filmed in 1995 I’m like oh that was only like 5 years ago

then I realize it was actually 17

I feel so old.


I wish I could send these directly to the talking heads at Fox News her persist on derailing this issue.

I mean what about the days before hoodies? Were they hanging niggas for wearing zoot suits…


When it comes to discussing Trayvon Martin and race, it is important to remember that the hoodie is beside the point. Discussing the hoodie is the same as discussing what a woman was wearing if she was raped.

That love 


I want a type of love that isn’t easy. That type of love that if I had £500 in my bank account would book a £475 plane ticket to where you live and use the rest to buy you beautiful flowers just so I could turn up on your doorstep and give you a kiss. A type of love that I would risk everything for, travel across oceans for, go against all the odds for. I want a love that is hard, just so that I can show you the lengths I will go through just to let you know how much you mean to me. A love that will make my heart ache so hard that I would only be able to have a limited time away from you before I collapsed. I want a love that will make it know that you are the only reason why I’m living. A love that prevails over everything. A love that lasts.

There is something about… 


bringing Tupac back to “life” (in hologram form) to “perform” in front of a group of mostly white suburban hipsters that just grinds my gears. Can’t the man simply rest without being “summoned” from the grave to perform songs that have entirely nothing to do with Coachella’s usual demographic group? Let’s get Frank Sinatra to perform at the BET Awards next year; It would never happen. Almost 16 years after his death, he’s still being made to  satisfy white folk’s hood fantasies. Yuck. 




White privilege is thinking that PoC’s like Morgan Freeman or Herman Cain revoke racism.